Friday, 27 April 2012

Painting the 6mm Roman Leaders

I have a few cohorts of Romans by now, but thus far didn't have time to paint the three leaders I need - the Legatus and two Tribunes. So here goes, the minis are Roman Generals from Baccus:

Stage one, basic coats, undercoat with black wash to pick out details:

Top view:.

Main colours applied and some details picked out:

Final colours and details applied:

Army Painter's Quick Shader (strong tone) applied (freshly applied and still wet here):

And I shall see them in the morning. I will pick out some details dulled by Quick Shader and work on the bases.

Morning, the Quick Shader has dried. It dulls the colours somewhat and blends some that should not be blended. I picked out edges again with brighter colours, refreshed the whites and the pale flesh and started the work on the bases. The mini itself is so minuscule that regardless of the level of painting it won't be immediately apparent we are looking at the leader, so the base (a coin) will have to take care of that.

Below the results before applying matte varnish:

And that's that. British leaders are next.

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