Sunday, 7 April 2013

Malifaux, A boy and his Bear

“Wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the forest, a little boy and his Bear will always be playing.”

The Dreamer is one of the most wonderfully sick creations of the Malifaux people. Belonging to the Neverborn faction (the horrors/monsters) he is a boy whose dreams shape reality. Whenever he dreams somewhere far away on Earth his dreams become real in the city of Malifaux. Convinced none of this is real he walks the streets of the weird city "playing" with other people. Playing in as cruel ways as only a child can devise. 

I've now started painting his crew. Here are the first two models - The Dreamer and Teddy Bear.

Want a cuddle?

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Malifaux, Whores'n'dolls

This episode is sponsored by 

Colette DuBois

and her ladies of unquestionable direpute

That's right, I'm a jumper. From 6mm I jumped to 15mm (Romans and Sassanids) and then to 15mm WWII (Waffen SS and Polish 1st Armoured, I will post the pics once I have sizable forces painted). All this painting od small historical minis bored me a bit. I needed to recharge, paint something different. Malifaux is perfect as a breather. And it is perfect in so many other ways.

The scale is 32mm which I consider just right for a skirmish. 32mm really makes a difference when compared to 28mm. level of details is higher, painting is easier (eyes!), minis simply look better. I'm seeing more and more 32mm systems coming out and I hope the trend will contiunue.

Malifaux is a Victorian-steampunk-wild west-horror-grotesque-whatever you will mash up of all the tropes and genres you can think of, from the Chinese-Japanese weeaboo to Jack the Ripper and whore zombies. Normally such an amalgamation of everything results in pure nothing, in dilution of theme so severe that one can't find a purchase in such a world. Not in this case though. Malifaux works great and is supported by a line of simply gorgeous minis. There are probably manufacturers who mass produce minis just as good, but I don't think anyone makes better ones.

I've recently looked at the new GW Tau releases, then to my shelf with the Malifaux minis and had to stiffle hysterical laughter. Lord, the difference is like Rolls Royce of Malifaux compared to Wolksvagen of GW. 

Without a further ado and beating around the bush - Colette, her whores and her evil dolls.
Paints: mixture of Vallejo and Coat d'Arms
The writing on the bases are meant to resemble graffiti painted on the walls and pertaining to this group of... erm... ladies.

The entire crew (Colette herself in the middle):

Colette's derierre:


The Performers:

Their Mannequins (Damequins?):

The Coryphees:

And the flying rats (erm... the Mechanical Doves):

The graffiti:

Cassandra: BROADS WITH SWO (splatter of blood)
Red performer: SLUT!!!
Blue performer: BWITCH!!!! and GUARD YER HUSBANDS!!
Green Mannequin: DUNT TIP!!!! and FAKE TEATS!!!
Pink Mannequin: SHE MAID OF WOOD!
Flying Rat with hat and cards: SLUTBIRDS!!!
Flying Rat on the book: IT SHITS COGS?!
Flying Rat shitting magic: NO! IT SHITZ RAINBOE!

Enjoy :)