Thursday, 23 July 2015

A guide to making basic Bocage/Hedgerows

Normandy needs Bocages. It needs a lot of them. Bocages may not cost an arm and a leg, but if you buy a lot of them, the cost adds up. So I decided to make my own. What follows is a guide how to make them the way I did.

I decided not to make huge ones - mostly for storage purposes. I don't have that much space to store my minis and scenery, so I needed them to fit in a small box. The same method can be applied to larger ones.

What I used:

  • cork sheets, 3mm thick (I used some irregular cork strips as well)
  • modelling gravel
  • PVA glue, a lot of it
  • static grass
  • Cladonia Rangiferina (reindeer moss, obtainable from modelling stores and eBay)
  • Dark green acrylic spray paint (I used the Olive Drab colour)
  • Acrylic paint for highliting the rocks - I used a light gray here
  • Matt varnish spray.

How to do it.

1, Shapes cut out. A flat piece with a smaller stripe glued on top of it and in the centre.

2. Base sides cut with craft knife to slope a bit better.

3. Glue applied to the side of the top stripe.

4. Modelling gravel stuck to the glue.

5. Glue and gravel applied on both the sides.

6. All the pieces sprayed with dark green paint. Spray paint on cork takes a long time to dry up, I just left it overnight on the balcony.

7. Gravel drybrushed (carefuly, not to disloge it) to make it look like rocks.

8. All the pieces drybrushed.

9. PVA applied to the places where the grass will be. Trying to avoid the gravel. The grass is waiting in the tubs.

10. Applying the static grass.

11. All the pieces with the grass applied to them.

12. PVA applied in the middle of the stripe in preparation for brushes.

13. Brushes (raindeer moss) glued on top of the Bocage.

And here are the results.

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